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RailScales LLC began February of 2014 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Our company name was inspired by our original, and now flagship, G10 RailScales product line--textured G10 Scales for modern weapon systems with MLOK & KeyMod rails. RailScales were developed out of a need for a textured rail cover that provided better heat resistance than the cheap polymer rail covers on the market (which eventually led to the development of our High Temp Polymer line as well). Our Scales all feature our T20 fasteners and 416 Stainless hardware, designed and manufactured by us here in the United States, which offers a rock solid and vibration free attachment method.

We are currently located in Claremore, Oklahoma and have been since 2015. Our shop is currently not open to the public. We have been selling our RailScales products online since June of 2014. 

Our backgrounds have led us to be able to design products with a focus on high-performance function first and let that define the design.

- Fortress RailScales


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