Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a "RailScale"? - A "RailScale" is textured grip panel for a firearm forend like MLOK or Keymod. Our patented textures are the thinnest on the market and provide excellent grip and heat protection. Our RailSales are offered in our original machined G10 line as well as our cost savings High Temp Polymer line.

2. What is G10? G-10 is the common name, but we use FR4, which is G10 but with flame retardant. FR4 is a high-pressure fiberglass laminate, a type of composite material. It is created by stacking multiple layers of glass cloth, soaking in epoxy resin, and compressing the resulting material under heat until the epoxy cures. It is manufactured in flat sheets, most often a few millimeters thick. G-10 is very similar to Micarta and carbon fiber laminates, because they are all resin-based laminates, except that the base material used is glass cloth. G-10 is the toughest of the glass fiber resin laminates and therefore the most commonly used.

3. Are G10 RailScales & XOS sold as a set? - No, all G10 machined scales including RailScales, XOS, XOS-H, and Solo's are all sold Individually. We design our RailScales® to be modular so that the layout can be uniquely customized to each individual setup. By offering them individually you can purchase exactly the pieces you need without having to purchase excess panels. All of our HTP injected molded scales are offered in our same great textures in 3 or 4 packs.

4. When is "product x" going to be back in stock? We have a live inventory on our site, and do not take back orders as we firmly believe in not accepting payment from our customers until we have a product ready to ship to them. We are machining and manufacturing everything as fast as we can. When we do restock it tends to go very quickly, so we strongly encourage you to sign up for these in stock updates on the product you are seeking. In the interest of of fairness to customers who have signed up for a product restock, we do not disclose inventory replenishment ahead of time.

5. Do the LEAF iron sights include a laser? - No, the LEAF iron sights are just iron sights. We wish we could sell a $1400 laser with a $60 iron sight for free but our accountant won't let us.

6. What rear BUIS should I use for my LEAF site? We designed our LEAF sights to work with any standard height rear sight.

7. Does the CSMR™ include the Mag catch bar? - No, the CSMR™ only includes 1 button and 1 spring. 

8. Why is card or sticker on the package is a different color than the item it contained? Packaging cards and stickers are often printed with inks or printers that are unable to capture the exact color as the products. If the item you receive doesn't exactly match the packaging, there is nothing to worry about. This is very common with our TerraCore offerings, the card often is a few shades off of the real thing.

9. Do you offer Military or Responder discounts? As of November 2022 we have discontinued our individual discount programs.

10. TerraCore Color - The color of our G10 TerraCore product can vary slightly from batch to batch. Different cuts during the machining process can also make the color appear different between textures. G10 is a porous material and will dry over time and with use. We oil these panels during production and packaging, and the material will appear lighter as the oil dries out. To restore the darker color, simply apply gun oil with a soft-bristled brush, and wipe off with a non-fibrous cloth. 

11. Blemished items - All blemished items are considered final sale and not eligible for a refund. All of our blemished items are hand stamped with a "B" before packaging.