5 Reasons to Invest in a Concealed Carry Permit

Posted by RailScales on Oct 2nd 2020

5 Reasons to Invest in a Concealed Carry Permit

This country was founded on the principles of freedom for all. From the freedom to worship as you pleased to the freedom to live as you please, the ideal of not being told what you could or could not do or live reigned, as long as it didn't come at the expense of another. This included the freedom to bear arms and use them for personal protection, to procure food, to shoot for sport, and to defend your property. The government had no right to take away your firearms for any reason, other than the fact you were proven to be a dangerous criminal.

In today's world, this freedom thankfully still holds true. While there may be a few restrictions on the type of guns you can own and where you can shoot them, for the most part, you are free to bear arms as you please. This fundamental right should stand the test of time.

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A concealed carry permit is issued by your state. It allows you to carry a weapon hidden, either on your person or in close proximity, such as in your purse, handbag, or backpack. Below, we'll take a look at some of the reasons to invest in a concealed carry permit. Shop our rail accessories online today!


Crime is Random

As we've seen so many times recently, a crime can happen at any time and any place. From school and movie theater shootings to workplace violence and crimes in your neighborhood, you never know where a crime will take place. Criminals are opportunists, looking for any opportunity to take advantage of others or even to harm them for some perceived slight. You could also just happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and get stuck in the crossfire.

By having a concealed carry permit, you can have your concealed carry weapon close by so you can be ready to defend against crime if need be. RailScales makes our premier rail covers for handguns, including 1911 grips, so your gun will be comfortable and easy to shoot. Browse online today!

You Can't Rely On the Police

Too many people have a false notion that if they were attacked, they could just call the police who would show up immediately and handle the threat for them. Despite what you see on TV, this is not reality. On average, it takes anywhere from five to six minutes for the police to show up at your location when you call 911. However, this could be considerably longer if the police are far away.

Furthermore, if moves to defund the police succeed, you can expect for these times to increase substantially since there will be less cops on the streets to respond to your call. In addition, crimes happen in a matter of moments or minutes. If you think about it, it only takes a few seconds for a criminal to pull out their gun and shoot you. No police can respond in that amount of time. RailScales recommends to not let thugs take away years of your life in one moment. With our rail covers, your handgun won't slip when you need it. Browse our hand grips today!

To Protect Your Family

Perhaps the number one reason people give for carrying concealed is to protect their family. If you and your kids are in the grocery store stocking up for the weekend and a random shooter walks in the door, unless you have a gun, your kids are targets, as are you. You can hope to run or pretend your dead. But who's to say that will save you or your kids lives. Furthermore, kids especially tend to freeze, not knowing instinctively what to do as they wait for your direction. This instinct makes them easy targets for those looking to indiscriminately kill others. However, if you are packing, you have the best chance to keep your family alive.

The reality is that most criminals do not expect the average citizen to have a concealed weapon. Even if you just pull out your gun and fire, odds are, the perpetrator will run or at least look elsewhere for a target. RailScales offers the best concealed carry grips for handguns, including 1911 grips. Browse all of our handguards, AR accessories, and more today.

To Deter Crime

If a population is armed, it deters crime. This is similar to having a security camera on your property. Odds are, your home won't be burglarized. The same holds true for a gun-toting population, for both national security and personal security. One of the biggest reasons the US has not been invaded in recent memory is because our population has weapons. History shows that if you do invade the United States, you will be stomped, as the Japanese learned all too well after the attack on Pearl Harbor. In truth, those countries that do not allow their citizens to carry weapons are vulnerable should another dictator, such as Hitler, rise.

On the domestic front, many crimes have been stopped because of someone who was carrying concealed. While criminals may not expect someone to be carrying, they do have to be prepared for it and take that into account if they decide to rob a bank or convenience store. In truth, many criminals don't care who they hurt; most are desperate and lacking in certain ways. Thus, you have to be looking out for you because no one else is. With RailScales' hand grips, you'll be prepared should you encounter this mentality. Order today!

To Become More Observant

If you've ever carried a concealed weapon before, you know that you have a heightened sense of awareness. You observe other people more closely and notice if something is off, like someone wearing a heavy jacket in the middle of summer. You are constantly aware that you have a gun on or near you should you need it, so you go out of your way to ensure you put yourself out of harm's way if at all possible.

In addition, you yourself are a better citizen. You're careful not to speed or break any laws because being pulled over for speeding entails you having to acknowledge your concealed carry status. You are more polite. You avoid confrontation with others. In short, you have a greater responsibility to be safe and to keep others safe, which you've taken on when you carry a weapon. In truth, this attitude could change the way society functions if everyone carried a weapon.


RailScales is an ardent supporter of your second amendment rights. In fact, by providing the best 1911 grips, foregrips, rail covers, and hand stops, we make carrying concealed comfortable. Many gun owners report that they would carry concealed if they felt comfortable with their firearm. To be comfortable, you have to practice. To practice, you need your gun to stay cool, to have a nice, non-slip textured grip, and perhaps a hand stop as well. By personalizing your gun to suit your needs, you'll enjoy shooting more, become more proficient, and then feel comfortable carrying concealed. It is indeed a big responsibility, but with so many reasons and benefits to being armed, it's worth the investment.

RailScales began in 2014 producing textured G-10 scales for AR-15 Keymod and MLOK rail systems. We believed that the rail covers in existence at the time just weren't up to par with what most people needed. They wanted heat resistance that wasn't made from cheap polymer. They wanted a better attachment system than a loose clip on. They wanted something that was thin and easy to grip. They wanted high-quality, durable, and comfortable rail covers that also looked good. Thus, our company began to meet that need, and we believe we've succeeded.

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