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Product Overview

XOS-H™ in MLOK - This variation of our traditional G10 XOS™ Scales offer the same great features, but add an accessory cutout that partners seamlessly with other RailScales products to give you multiple modular options that best fit your shooting style. While most commonly used at the 6 o’clock position with our Karve®, Karve-P®, Anchor®, or RSB™, the XOS-H™ will also fit our QDX™ Sling Mount as well as additional future RailScales® products to mount at various positions based on use. They will accommodate most popular handguard rail systems, however please check the specs below to insure these will fit yours. 

XOS-H™ is compatible with these RailScales® products.

Fitment Info:

Type 01 Fits Rails with mounting flats of 0.678" or narrower including the following.

  • PWS Mod 1/Mod 2 rails
  • Bootleg Inc. Rails
  • AAC Teardrop
  • Geissele 4 sided rails
  • Geissele MK16
  • Daniel Defense Slim Rail
  • Midwest SSK/SSM
  • Midwest G3KL/G3ML
  • CMMG Rails Keymod/M-LOK
  • Dakota Tactical HK Series Keymod/M-LOK
  • Vltor Freedom Rail
  • Parker Mountain Machine Scar Rails
  • KNS Bren 805 Rails
  • HK Parts HK Rails
  • SIG MCX Suppressor Compatible Rail
  • Fortis Night Rail
  • Hodge/FN Wedgelock

Type 02 (Not currently available) Fits:

  • Noveske NSR, NHR, NSRM
  • SMOS Arms
  • KAC URX 4 Keymod/M-LOK
  • And many more


  • Offered in 3 & 4 MLOK Slots
  • Width: 1.165"
  • Thickness: 0.125"
  • Weight: 0.6 oz Ea
  • Length: 3 Slot - 4.7"
  • 416 stainless nuts


(11 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Excellent Quality

    Posted by BREWINZ on Dec 29th 2019

    Fits the Foxtrot Mike Products FM9 perfectly.

  • 5
    Best there is!

    Posted by TPNES on Oct 14th 2019

    I have these on several MLOK hand guards on the 6 o clock position with the original scales at 3 and 9. The XOS-H allows for more grip and fits the rounding of your hand at 6 o clock with its extra siding. Rock solid mounting and G10 strength, there is no better alternative (or better looking), with great grip texture. I use both the Karve and RSB which fit snugly into the slot, tight tolerances, and seamless low profile. Highly recommend either of those, Karve as a hand stop for c-grip and the RSB allows a variety of grip styles including c-grip, as a hand stop, one or two or three fingers on the stubby, etc. Not long enough for a true broom stick grasp though you can still pull it off if you desire. Both are very durable for use as a barrier stop as well.

  • 5
    Well worth it!

    Posted by Evan on Sep 21st 2019

    Seamless integration with the Karve I ordered as well. Just what my rifle needed for a extremely lightweight durable gripping surface.

  • 5
    Cool modular idea

    Posted by Ryan J. on Sep 19th 2019

    I really like how they designed this around their other products, would just like to see a few more options to fit in them!

  • 5
    Modular made cool

    Posted by Terry on Sep 19th 2019

    Can't say enough about how cool and customizable this is. Really hope they add some more stuff to the Xos H lineup soon!

  • 5
    Awesome product and awesome shipping

    Posted by Alex on Sep 19th 2019

    I debated whether I should invest in a RailScale setup given the costs, but after I received the XOS-H, along with the Karve-P, and two G10 long panels....I couldn't be happier with my purchase. These panels are really innovative, provide excellent grip, and weigh next to nothing. The shipping, and communication with CS was perfect. They really seem to care about your business, and pay attention to the small, yet important details in that regard. Will be doing business with RS in the future whenever it's an option. 5 stars!

  • 5
    Top Notch Product and Service

    Posted by Taylor R. Schreiber on Sep 19th 2019

    I purchased some HTP Scales, XOS-H Type 1, and a Karve-P for a couple builds I had in the works. Product came quick and neatly packaged. I went to put them on the handguard to mock up where I wanted them to be after i got everything cerakoted. Unfortunately due to my own ignorance I over torqued the screws as I didn't want them vibrating off and as a result stripped a few of the heads on the screws. I shot out an email in hopes of getting a few screws sent my way and within 20 minutes I had a response telling me they looked up my order and were going to send me out a full set of replacement screws just in case, and not just the amount I asked for. Can't beat that kind of quick customer service. All free of charge too I might add! All three products are absolutely killer in form and function! I love when companies remember their customers and do everything in their power to help them out. I will for sure be buying more from them in future builds. 5/5 for the product, 10/5 for the customer service.

  • 5
    Add more stuff for the XOS-H!

    Posted by Aaron L. on Sep 19th 2019

    Railscales already had my business with the Anchor and Karve, and when I saw this show up I couldn't believe how brilliant of a design it was. I really hope they have more things coming to fit this footprint, as you can tell how much time they took to make this look and function perfectly with their other products.

  • 5
    Great Product

    Posted by Mike on Sep 19th 2019

    I already had a Karve and regular railscales, but as soon as i saw this i had to get it. Fits perfectly with the karve and makes gripping the end of the handguard more comfortable with a lot of grip. It also looks great on my PWS MK111. Keep up the good work