G10 Solo's™

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Now shipping with our new custom Torx T20 fasteners!

Solo's™ - Single MLOK slot RailScales® for short rails commonly found on subguns, pistols, or filling in one slot to finish out your build. Offered in all 4 of our patented textures and utilizing only one screw and MLOK nut in the middle of the scale to maximize the texture field. CNC machined out of high-quality US-made Black FR4 or our brown terrain-colored TerraCore™ (commonly known as G10), our scales provide an unmatched barrier against heat transfer. These will also fit in and fill the slot of our XOS-Hwrap-around scale. Our MLOK rail panels are the thinnest G10 rail grip scales on the market. Our name says it all, as we innovated the machined scale concept and remain at its technology forefront. Sold Individually

G10 RailScales in MLOK - 1.5 Slot - New for 2023. Introducing our 1.5 MLOK Slot Solo's™. Like our 1 Slot Solo's™, these utilize only one hardware mounting location to allow for fine-tuning modular mounted texture and heat protection. Designed to be used with shorter MLOK rails commonly found on sub-guns, and pistols, or for filling those empty MLOK slot gaps to finish out your build.  

TerraCore™ complements our line of Terra Bronze™ anodized and FDE polymer components as well as third-party branded tan anodized or Cerakoted rail forends. Unlike coating or painting options, our TerraCore™ scales are colored throughout and remain so after CNC machining operations. Offered in the same patented textures and resilient heat protection options you've come to expect. We are excited to introduce TerraCore™ Solo's™ to our lineup.

Ships Free and Made in USA

  • Color: Black FR4 or TerraCore™
  • Length: 1 MLOK Slot, 1.5 MLOK Slot
  • Width: MLOK - 0.600"
  • Thickness: 0.125"
  • Length: 1-Slot - 1.572", 1.5-Slot - 2.360"
  • Weight: 0.2 oz each w/ hardware
  • 416 stainless nut


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(52 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Great Stuff

    Posted by HM on Oct 1st 2022

    Perfect pieces for your rail. Nice grip and looks nice. Already ordered some more

  • 5

    Posted by Stosh on Jul 21st 2022

    For what these do I think they are the best. They reduce heat on those smaller hand guards while giving you the best grip. My favorite are the mini dot.

  • 5

    Posted by Taylor on Jul 6th 2022

    Got the dragon scales for the lonely Mlok slots on my MDRX Mantis 16" Handguard. Turns out that spot is where your fingers naturally land and these scales are grippy and solid. Don't know about other patterns but the dragon can be reversed for more or less grip when shouldering and pulling the rifle toward you.

  • 5
    Ideal Form and Function

    Posted by Daniel H on Jun 29th 2022

    RailScales makes an excellent product that's ultra lightweight, provides the perfect grip surface, and looks amazing. Get these asap if you want slot covers with a premium look and feel.

  • 5
    Slot solos

    Posted by Mark Richard on Jun 5th 2022

    The honeycomb slot solos that I purchased, look right on my rifle, and did a good job of filling in the gaps where needed, for heat protection. They seem to be indestructible.

  • 5
    Single slot railscale

    Posted by Justin Dawn on May 15th 2022

    I irdered a couple single slot railscails in the diamong pattern. They shipped very quickly. There was an issue with usps so i called customer service. They responded showed concern and imediately put in a claim. I finally got the scales. Fit and finish was fantastic. The pattern looked great. The points were a little more aggressive than i liked, but that is personal preferance and no way justifies a lower rating. I just hit them with a 1000 grit sandpaper and are perfect for me now. I will not hesitate to order more. Great accessory.

  • 5
    Worth every penny!

    Posted by Joe on Apr 7th 2022

    Quality! Don’t skimp out on lesser brands, Railscales is top notch!

  • 5
    Solo Scales

    Posted by Hunter on Mar 27th 2022

    Perfect fit for the MPX-K (because the screws are in the middle) I bought 4 total. The 2 slot scales won’t fit on the right side because of the gas block (screws are closer to the edges causing it to hit) very high quality and won’t hesitate to buy more when I get another new firearm.

  • 5
    G10 1 slot solo’s

    Posted by Jonathan Mason on Mar 18th 2022

    Perfect for what I need. Very good grip low profile sits very nice on my MPX K.