Night Patch Medallion

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Night Patch Medallion: Premium 2" RailScales logo patch medallions for your Velcro equipped gear. Perfect for night time activities as an IFF, or kit marking for easy identifcation in no or low vis situations. Thin 2" circle fits perfectly on OEM helmet and carrier velcro with no overhang. Featuring various cordura camo's and colors with Solas3 IR reflective or glow in the dark backings.

Made for RailScales in the USA by Spartan Village with USA made materials. 

Per ITAR regulations, IR patches are NOT AVAILABLE FOR EXPORT. Orders placed outside of the United States will be refunded and deleted from the order.


  • Male Velcro Backed
  • Berry Compliant Materials
  • Size: 2" Diameter
  • Thickness: 0.90"
  • Color: Black, Coyote, AOR1
  • Backing Color: Glow In The Dark, IR, Glow In The Dark & IR
  • Material: Cordura, Solas3™ IR, Glow In The Dark



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(No reviews yet) Write a Review