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RSB® Vertical Grip - A fully machined ultralight stubby aluminum grip. Designed for PDW and shorter barrel setups but its ergonomics also find itself at home on carbines as well. The cylinder of the grip is offset 0.140" to allow for fine adjustment in its already small footprint by alternating its direction. When used as a broom handle style grip, the RSB® allows for a 3 fingered grip with the pinky over hanging the bottom.

Ships Free and Made in USA

  • 1 MLOK Slot / 2 KeyMod Holes
  • XOS-H™ scale compatible
  • Length: 2.488"
  • Width: 1.18"
  • Outside Diameter: 1.42"
  • Weight: 2 oz with hardware
  • 6061-T6 Aluminum


(24 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5

    Posted by Mitch on Jan 13th 2021

    Machining is perfect and it’s very light weight. Got this paired with the Parker mountain rep-lok rail on my scar and it looks extremely clean. Especially with the the other 50 shades of FDE

  • 5
    Fits a certain niche perfectly.

    Posted by Connor on Nov 30th 2020

    Stubby vertical grips have long been a thing in the carbine world. While hand stops and more inventive grips (Karve and Anchor/LDAG) offer serious ergonomic value, the control that you get from the RSB is unmatched. Ergonomics are similar to (but better than) legacy Tango Down stubby grips, and perfect for the thumb brake grip style that many of us have been using for years. I was skeptical of one grip working with Keyword and M-Lok, but the system is super simple, precision machined, and completely genius. Fit and finish is abnormally perfect. If you're looking for a stubby vertical grip to use with that shooting style that many of us have used for years, this is a great option for it. Absolutely awesome piece of equipment.

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    Posted by Judd Skelton on Nov 27th 2020

    I am so glad that I was asked to rate product and company. I own a company as well and I appreciate the opportunity. First, your company is fantastic! Ever thing about it, I mean the entire transaction start to finish was flawless. And you know you are dealing with the quality company when it comes to the little things like the shipping package. My RSB arrived in a small tube with everything that it should have packaged neatly and had a top that you can put back on if you are not going to install immediately. That may sound dumb and insignificant but it actually is a huge plus. Again attention to the small things.As for the product itself, there is not a better one on the market. Not only is it extremely innovative and user-friendly as it can be installed on multiple mounting systems and the hardware to do that is included, it is perfect in every way. It really puts all the other ones I have purchased, and I have purchased a lot of them, to shame and I will be ordering several more. So my experience has been to receive a first class product from the first class company! You folks got it right all the way around!

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    My Favorite Grip

    Posted by Luke on Nov 26th 2020

    It’s surprisingly light and I like the size. No wiggle or play when it’s locked in. Pretty expensive though.

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    Posted by Mike on Nov 1st 2020

    I was hesitant on buying one of these just purely based on price. I’m not afraid to pay for quality so I thought I’d take a chance, and I’m glad I did. I’ll be buying more of these due to the quality and attention to detail. Sometimes it’s the little things that matter. You won’t be disappointed if you pick up a few of these.

  • 5
    Favorite foregrip I have tried - And I have tried them all

    Posted by Calin on Oct 11th 2020

    I am one of those people who just has to try everything out. I got the Anchor first and loved it but I like this one even more. It's incredibly comfortable. I use it with honeycomb 3 slot railscales on each side and on the bottom. Super comfortable, great control and the whole system helps protect your hand.

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    Better than WAP????

    Posted by The Roman Hooded Adventurer on Oct 9th 2020

    It ain't better than some WAP that's for sure but dammit, if it ain't darn near close IDK what is. I have Railscales products of some sort on all my guns and this one I just added to my SMG45. Def helps with the ergonomics. A lot of research and attention to detail went into the design imo. Or, someone was just like, hey I have an idea and then boom! This nub was born. I def would recommend to users who want something that doesn't have a huge footprint and take up too much space on the rail. Also, Railscales just makes ergonomic gear. I love their stuff.

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    Posted by Doc J on Oct 9th 2020

    The RSB is my hands down favorite foreword grip, and I’ve tried many. I loved my anchor, but replaced it with an RSB recently and couldn’t be happier. The surfaces are positive and the grip is comfortable and extraordinarily light. Like boots I’ve tried tons, had some luck but now that I’ve ran with this I know what I want going forward. I have it in terra bronze and not that looking cool is key, it’s rule one, but it somehow matches my USASOC primary weapon, with its hard to match Geissele DDC pretty damn closely. Pricey but worth it, if you are a range guy or carry for work, can’t put a price on having the right kit downrange. Thanks gents-

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    Posted by Brent C on Apr 25th 2020

    Im running this on an 11.5 SBR. I was using a Karve but with a DBAL and scout light the rifle is fairly heavy out front. This RSB is perfect, you can either grip it like a vertical foregrip, use 2-3 fingers like an AFG, or use it like a handstop. Machining and finish are flawless. The slight offset is a brilliant design that allows me to get my hand placement exactly where I want it for the unity taps switch.