Tips to Manage Gun Recoil

Posted by RailScales on Jul 19th 2021

Tips to Manage Gun Recoil

It's a sad fact that the recoil of a gun keeps many would-be shooters away from the range. There's no doubt that shooting a gun and experiencing a recoil can be a scary and unpleasant experience. However, it's a part of shooting that can be managed to the point where it does not bother you and even to the point that you don't notice it at all.

RailScales manufactures the best AR-15 rail covers, handstops, and other AR-15 accessories. We use only the highest-quality materials in order to ensure the best performance. Our G10 fiberglass laminate is super thin and looks great on your firearm. By keeping the heat down from rapid fire, you'll be able to shoot longer and more comfortably. Below, we'll go over some tips on how to manage your gun's recoil so you'll be more comfortable shooting. Shop our AR-15 parts and accessories today!


You can blame recoil on physics. Recoil is the backwards motion a firearm produces once a bullet is fired. This is due to Newton's Third Law of Motion: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The firearm is pushing your bullet forward and the force and gases that leave your firearm then pushes backwards. The greater the caliber (or force generated from your firearm), the greater the recoil.


Be Cognizant of Your Mental Reaction

Most people know that when they fire a gun that there will be a recoil. However, depending on which firearm you are firing and your level of experience, you may be expecting a larger recoil than what will actually be. In addition, many people believe that the recoil of their gun will cause injury. This perceived recoil can impede our firing accuracy and our growth with our firearm. One of the best ways to overcome this is to have the right mindset when setting out to fire. Believing that you can control the recoil and that it won't hurt will go a long way in the experience of recoil.

Improve Your Stance

There is nothing you can do about recoil; it's a fact of the act of firing your gun. Thus, another great way to manage recoil is to perfect your stance. The way you stand and hold a gun while firing impacts the way you will experience recoil and how your body will absorb it. This will help ensure that there is no pain in recoil. The proper stance is where you lean forward slightly as if you are leaning into your target. You'll be facing your target with your feet slightly behind one another.

Improve Your Grip

Grip is super important when firing any firearm, including AR-15s. You want a firm grasp of your firearm, as well as proper placement. When firing a rifle, you want the gun to go up against your cheek and pull into your shoulder in order to prevent the firearm from moving too much once fired. You'll also want to be sure to use both hands, so practice support and trigger control, too. Furthermore, you'll never be able to hold your rifle perfectly still, which is where speed and control play a big role for your accuracy.

Find the Right Firearm for You

Finding a firearm that fits you is super important. After all, you don't want to fire a gun that is too small or too large for your frame, or one that you can't hold comfortably. Luckily, firearms come in all sizes and calibers, so finding the one that is right for you is simply a matter of trying some out. Going to the shooting range and renting guns is one way to try before you buy. You can also fire lower calibers and add muzzle brakes or other aftermarket AR-15 accessories that can lessen the amount of recoil experienced. A firearm with an adjustable stock is also a good idea that can help.

Eliminate Flinching

Flinching is when you close your eyes right before your fire. Once started, this can be a hard habit to kick. The best way to eliminate flinching is to stop it before it's a habit. By firing firearms with very little recoil, you can drill in the mechanics of shooting so that when you do upgrade to higher caliber, more recoil firearms, your body already knows what to do. Then you can focus on speed by concentrating on what the gun is doing. Ensure you are wearing proper ear and eye protection, which will help ensure the noise is minimal so you don't jump.

Master Your Mechanics

There most definitely is a proper way to shoot that involves great mechanics, and like all sports, you'll have to master the mechanics if you want to improve your shooting skills and your accuracy. Such things as trigger control and firing using your sights are skills that are best practiced when you don't have to worry about recoil. You can also dry fire, or fire your firearm when it is not loaded. This is also a great way to drill in your shooting technique. By controlling your breathing, working on your aim, working on squeezing the trigger, and focusing on follow through, you'll be ready to improve your accuracy immensely.


Comfort is so important to shooting, which is why we started our rail cover business back in 2014. We wanted better rail covers on the market that would protect against the heat of the firearm and improve grip, which is so crucial when firing. If your AR-15 gets too hot, you'll stop shooting or stop being accurate while shooting — both of which aren't the best for improving shooting performance. We've improved the attachment method that once applied, stays put.

If you want to improve your shooting performance, you need to be comfortable at all times. This means preparing for everything from the weather that day to having the right AR-15 accessories to ensure you can shoot easily.

RailScales offers the best rail covers for both MLOK and KeyMod rails. They come in a variety of colors to suit the look of your firearm, and all of the hardware attachments are engineered using 416 stainless steel. These AR-15 vertical foregrips and front grips come in many textures and lengths in order to improve performance. They are super lightweight, so you won't even realize these rail mount accessories are there.

If you are looking to improve your shooting accuracy and help with recoil control and comfort, browse our tactical rail covers and handstops online today!