The Importance of Comfort When Shooting

Posted by RailScales on Aug 29th 2020

The Importance of Comfort When Shooting

Most of us choose our hobbies because we like doing them. For instance, if you like crafting and sewing, you love the process of creating beautiful designs and patterns into useful objects like blankets and scarves. If you like to golf, you love the challenge of trying to get the ball into the hole with the least amount of strokes. If you love to CrossFit, you love the challenge of pushing your body to its limits, while beating other people in the process. Hobbies are things we enjoy doing -- not necessarily because they are easy, but because somewhere deep down they speak to our souls.

Shooting guns can be a recreational sport as well. From shooting clays to competition pistol ranges, you can travel all over and compete against others doing so. This is challenging and fun. However, if it's uncomfortable to shoot so many times because you keep losing your grip or because your gun becomes too hot, your fun pastime could become not so fun after all.

RailScales believes in making the best rail covers so your shooting can be comfortable. When your shooting is comfortable, you'll do more of it, and your passion will be all the more enjoyable. No one wants to fight their hobby. Instead, when you partner with us and invest in one of our rail covers, you'll notice the difference in shooting right away. Suddenly, your hobby will become fun again! Below, we'll go over the importance of comfort while shooting. Visit our rail cover company online, and buy your rail accessories today!


You'll Shoot More

Sure, you'll probably still do your hobby/passion even if it wasn't as comfortable; however, you'd probably at some point do it less frequently, which is a shame.

Most of us work. Some of us work a job we like; some of us work to just pay the bills. However, we all have to work. And we work so that we can do the things we enjoy doing, which are our passions. For those who enjoy shooting, you need to be comfortable if you want to shoot more. When you shoot more, you'll get better, fueling your passion. We all like to be good at what we do. It increases our pleasure and makes us feel better in life. After all, when you accomplish your goals and your dreams, it makes life worth living, and it makes your job worth doing. Thus, if you love shooting, investing in rail covers is an affordable way to keep going in your passion. Shop RailScales today!

You'll Improve Faster

With anything you do in life, there is a mental component involved. Sometimes it's a lot of mental work; sometimes it's a little. However, if you are uncomfortable while shooting, you could be defeated by your mind, which will feed you excuses as to why your shooting is off, or why you just don't have it today. Your mind is very powerful, and if you let it, it will talk you out of doing anything, and for the slightest reasons.

Not being able to grip your gun or your gun being too hot could both be reasons you don't shoot. RailScales' rail covers drastically eliminate both of these for you by making your gun easier to grip and helping to curtail the buildup in heat when firing.

Another truth about the mind is that sometimes it is the little things that will prompt you to get moving, such as rail covers. It's amazing how something we'd think small will propel someone forward, because in their mind, it's not small at all. The little things could be the impetus for someone to improve faster. If our rail cover company helps people shoot more and improve faster, then we're all about it.

It'll be Easier to Get Your Kids Involved

Kids nowadays want to do things that are easy -- at least in the beginning. Thus, if you want to get your kids into shooting guns rather than shooting video games, you'll need to make shooting comfortable for them. This means investing in items that will make shooting easier, such as rail covers. Sometimes the least little thing can turn kids off, including holding a hot gun or not being able to grip a gun. Rail covers and rail accessories are easy and simple ways to include your kids in your passion as well.


If you are looking for the best handguard rails on the market, RailScales is your brand. Our rail covers are made with G-10 high-pressure fiberglass laminate, a composite material. We stack multiple layers of glass cloth soaked in epoxy resin and compressed with heat. Our tactical grips are made in flat sheets, only a few millimeters thick. These resin-based laminates are some of the toughest glass fiber resin laminates made to withstand the harshness of the elements and of use.

RailScales' hand stops are the perfect rail accessory. They will make shooting more comfortable and easier. We offer many different types of hand stops, including our HTP Scales in MLOK, which come in patented textures and hardware in a heat-stabilized nylon. They come in four popular colors: Black, Flat Dark Earth, Sniper Grey, and OD Green. These come in 3 or 4 pack quantities for a variety of setups. You can also try our XOS-H in MLOK, which adds an accessory cutout that partners with our other RailScales products so you can customize your gun to your shooting needs. These are popular with our Karve, Karve-P, Anchor, RSB, XOS-H, and more.

Our rail covers are extremely lightweight, so you won't be adding any bulk to your firearm. If you want to eliminate battling a slick rail, our rail covers can be installed to wrap all the way around. Our rail covers screw on for a tight fit. We pride ourselves on our customer service, ensuring your needs are met. When you call, we can help, and we even offer advice. Browse our selection online, and buy today!