Tips to Improve Your Accuracy While Shooting

Posted by RailScales on Jul 19th 2021

Tips to Improve Your Accuracy While Shooting

The whole point of practicing anything is to get better. When you're learning a musical instrument, you spend time memorizing keys or chords and playing songs. When you're learning how to play basketball, you spend time learning the rules and practicing dribbling. When you want to learn to shoot better, you practice. That being said, practice is only a small piece of the puzzle. There are many other things you can do to improve your shooting accuracy.

RailScales is a company that specializes in making rail covers, handstops, and other AR-15 accessories in order to help improve your shooting skills and make shooting your AR-15 more accurate. We offer tactical rail covers for both MLOK and KeyMod rails that come in a variety of different colors and textures to suit your needs. We also offer 1911 grips and fixed sights. Below, we'll offer up some tips so you can improve your shooting accuracy. Visit us online for all of your AR-15 accessory needs today!


Finding a Stable Position

In order to be accurate, you need to ensure your aim is as good as possible. With rifles, finding a stable position is crucial. This helps minimize the movement of your rifle as much as possible. One of the best shooting positions is the prone position, which is when you are lying on your stomach and your rifle is supported on the ground, usually using a bipod. This is one of the best positions for a stable aim that will result in better accuracy. If you get in the habit of shooting from the same position, you'll become more comfortable and better at shooting that way as well.


The best musicians and anyone who is considered an expert at their sport use muscle memory to perform their skill. This is a result of practice and repetition. Thus, when you shoot from the same positions and shoot frequently, you'll become better. You'll get in your position faster, and you'll notice you'll be quicker aiming, too. One way to speed this learning process up is to use a friend to take your picture so that you can see your alignment, shooting angle, and support positions better.

Aligning Your Sights

When shooting rifles, most people are using scopes because their targets (such as a game animal) are far away. It's crucial that your sights be in correct alignment if you want to shoot accurately. Many people forget to sight in their rifles before they head out to shoot. Sighting in is crucial in order to eliminate parallax, which is a sight error that occurs when the plane of the target is not aligned with the reticle. As a fundamental, knowing how the sights work on your AR-15 is vital to being accurate, so be sure to dial in your scope so it's spot on.

Trigger Control

Many people are inherently afraid of firearms and the recoil they can produce. This fear can make it extremely hard to be accurate when shooting because it can affect your trigger control. Trigger control is ensuring you're not jerking the trigger and that you have good follow through. Dry firing, which is where you fire your firearm with no ammunition, is a great way to dial in your trigger control. There are many shooting drills you can do that you can find with a simple Google search. One of these is using the penny drill, where you place a penny on top of your firearm and pull the trigger with the goal of not allowing the penny to fall. With proper trigger control, you'll see your accuracy improve ten fold.

Train Your Eyes

Training your eyes is another great way to improve the accuracy of your shooting. For many, it can be hard to know what to aim at when you do go to shoot targets. Thus, training your eye to look for the right spot on your targets can help immensely. For example, if you are shooting clays, try aiming at the edges of the clay, or try aiming for one particular bird in a group. You can even practice aiming when you aren't shooting, too. Just get your rifle and scope out and practice. Another great eye-training exercise you can do easily is to shoot with both eyes open. This helps with depth perception and helps with speed to find the target in the crosshairs.

Field Preparation

As most shooters know, there is most definitely an adrenaline rush when you are about to pull the trigger on a target. Being prepared while in the field will improve your shooting accuracy considerably. For example, do you have all of your items, from your ammo to your sights, right where you need them. What do you do if it's raining? Do you know where you will keep your ammunition so it stays dry? How will you react when you spook an animal and it takes off running? Practicing in the field under conditions as close to real-life as possible (you can't shoot an animal out of season) will help you improve accuracy and be more likely to hit your intended target when the time comes.


Let's face it, when you go shooting and you miss the target more than you hit it, it's not exactly a fun day. This is especially true if you are hunting big game and you end up missing your animal, not filling the freezer. This can be a bad day, indeed.

Improving your shooting accuracy is important so that you can enjoy your time shooting and be more successful when you're hunting or in shooting competitions. While a lot of this improvement can be seen with practice, by implementing some of our tips, you will see improvements quickly in shooting accuracy.

Comfort plays a big role in shooting accuracy. Thus, RailScales offers the best rail covers for your needs. Rail covers are thin fiberglass laminates that boast a texture that will help improve your grip and offer heat resistance. These rail covers are built for toughest and longevity, and we've improved the attachment system so once applied, you won't have to worry about losing them or coming loose. Our KeyMod and MLOK rail covers will help improve your comfort level so you can better focus on improving your accuracy.

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